How to Fix OneDrive Can't Stop Syncing Folder: 5 Ways

Are you encountering the OneDrive error - OneDrive can't stop syncing a folder? You can fix it by following the detailed guide in the post. Also, there is a quick way to flexibly sync your folder to OneDrive. Read and get more details.


by CBACKUP Lasted Updated April 11, 2024

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Why can't I stop syncing folders to OneDrive?


Help, please! I'm on a Windows 10 laptop, and it seams that I can't stop folders from syncing to OneDrive. What's up with that?

- User Case from Microsoft Community

By default, you can automatically backup folders to OneDrive, like Pictures and Desktop, which can be useful when you want to keep changes up-to-date. But sometimes, there may be situations in which OneDrive can't stop syncing folders that you don't want to sync.

The reason is probably your backup settings in OneDrive and some OneDrive common errors. No matter which situation you encounter, you can read the following part to easily stop OneDrive from syncing folders.

Cant Stop Syncing Folder

How to fix OneDrive can't stop syncing folder: 5 ways

Since OneDrive doesn't provide any details on how to stop OneDrive from syncing in this error information page, you can read the following guide to solve it.

Way 1. Check OneDrive Backup settings

The most probable reason for OneDrive can't stop syncing folder is the backup settings in your OneDrive. If you configure OneDrive backup to protect your data, and then you try to deselect Make all files available under the Choose folders page, you may receive an error message - can't stop syncing folder from OneDrive.

Many people even don't know whether or not they have configured backup settings, so here is the way to fix it. For example, you can stop OneDrive from syncing Desktop easily here:

1. Press Window + R to open Run and input OneDrive.

2. Right-click the Microsoft OneDrive icon and select Settings.

OneDrive Settings

3. In the OneDrive settings window, navigate to the Sync and backup tab.

4. Click the Manage backup button to access the Back up folders on this PC screen.

OneDrive Manage Backup

5. In the Back up folders on this PC screen, turn off the switch to stop backup for all files. And click Save changes.

Manage Backup Save Changes

6. Now, select the Account tab and click the Choose folders button.

OneDrive Account Choose Folders

7. OneDrive will open the Choose folders window, where you can select which of your OneDrive folders you want to sync to your device.

Make All Files Availble

Way 2. Pause OneDrive syncing

The guide below will be helpful to solve how to stop syncing OneDrive without permanently disabling OneDrive.

1. Locate and click on the OneDrive icon in the Taskbar. If the icon isn't visible, you can search for OneDrive in the search box and launch the app from there.

2. In the OneDrive popup window, click the gear icon (Help & Settings) and then select Pause syncing. You'll have the option to choose a pause duration of 2 hours, 8 hours, or 24 hours to stop OneDrive from syncing folders.

Pause Syncing

Way 3. Quit OneDrive

There is a quick and effective way to solve how to stop OneDrive from syncing a folder when needed. You can stop OneDrive from syncing by closing the app, please follow steps listed:

1. Click on the OneDrive icon at the taskbar.

2. Navigate to Help & Settings and then select Quit OneDrive.

Quit OneDrive

3. Click the Close OneDrive button to confirm the operation. After this, the files in your OneDrive folder won't sync with your online files.

Close OneDrive Button

Way 4. Unlink OneDrive account

You can effectively disconnect your PC from your OneDrive account, preventing any further syncing of files and folders. To completely stop OneDrive from syncing files and folders by unlinking your account, follow these steps:

1. Open the Microsoft OneDrive window.

2. Go to the Account tab and click on the Unlink this PC option.

Unlink This PC OneDrive Account

3. Click Unlink account to confirm the operation.

Unlink Account Confirm

Way 5. Uninstall OneDrive

To permanently stop OneDrive sync, you can choose to uninstall the OneDrive app from your Windows 10/11 PC, follow these steps:

1. Launch the Control Panel using the search box.

2. Under the Programs section, click on the Uninstall a program link.

3. In the Programs and Features interface, right-click on Microsoft OneDrive and select Uninstall.

Uninstall OneDrive

4. Confirm the operation to remove the OneDrive app from your PC.

Use CBackup to flexibly sync folders to OneDrive for free

If you want to enjoy a more flexible way to sync your folder to OneDrive, and you can prevent OneDrive stop syncing with error-free, CBackup will be suitable for you. The free cloud backup service gives you greater control over what is synchronized with OneDrive, allowing you to sync folder or stop syncing folder as needed.

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  • Additionally, it is compatible with a wide range of Windows operating systems, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and even Windows XP.

Follow the guide below to enjoy a more flexible way to sync folder to OneDrive error-free:

1. Download and install CBackup on your computer. Sign up for an account and log in.

Download CBackupWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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2. Click on Storage, then select OneDrive, and click Authorize Now to add your OneDrive account to the software.

Select OneDrive

3. Navigate to the Sync section and choose Sync PC to Public Cloud.

Choose PC to Public Cloud

▶Tip: CBackup also supports you to backup files to OneDrive. With its Backup function, you can keep unlimited backup version and restore files from OneDrive cloud as you need.

4. Select the folders and files you want to sync, and pick a OneDrive folder as the destination. Then, click Start Sync to begin the upload process to OneDrive.

Sync Files to OneDrive

5. (Optional) To establish an automatic sync to OneDrive using CBackup, you can follow the steps: Click on Settings > enable the Scheduler option > select the sync mode that best suits your needs. This will allow you to set up scheduled automatic syncs to ensure your files are consistently backed up to OneDrive.

Sync Scheduler Pro

▶Tip: Additionally, if you want to exclude specific file types from the OneDrive sync, you can utilize the File Filter feature available in the Settings. This feature allows you to easily exclude certain file types, like tmp, pst, or temp, from the synchronization process, providing you with more control over what gets backed up to OneDrive.

Sync All Files


If you encounter the error "OneDrive can't stop syncing folder" when attempting to unsync a folder from OneDrive, it can be a frustrating issue to resolve. OneDrive, while a useful tool, can sometimes cause errors that are not easy to solve, like, only sync folders not files.

If you prefer not to spend time and effort in finding solutions for such problems each time they arise, using reliable CBackup for syncing files to OneDrive can be a useful helper.

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