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Is there an official Google Photos desktop uploader for Linux?

Google Photos is one of the best photo cloud storage options in the market. It offers unlimited storage for free as long as you upload files in high-quality mode. That means it will downscale the photos to 16MP versions, and reduce any 4K videos it finds to Full HD 1080p quality.

In addition, Google Photos offer three ways for users to upload photos or videos. App for Android and iOS mobile devices, desktop uploader (Backup and Sync) for Windows PC and Mac laptop and website for almost all devices. Therefore, users can back up their photos to the cloud service and access them from all of their devices.

However, despite long-festering promises by Google to provide a non-browser-based client for Linux users, there is no official Google Photos desktop uploader for Linux users to upload and sync photos until now. Users can upload and manage files through the Google photos web browser only.

But don’t be upset, if you are a Linux user and want to sync photos to Google Photos instead of uploading through its web browser, you still have lots of ways and alternatives to sync photos to Google photos on Linux.

How to sync photos to Google Photos on Linux?

As we all know, Google Photos and Google Drive are linked, and you can enable Google Photos folder in your Google Drive or sync Google Drive and Google Photos to browse all your photos and videos, which are actually stored in Google Photos, on Google Drive.

Therefore, you can enable your Google Photos folder in your Google Drive first, and then use some Google Drive Linux client software to backup and sync photos to your Google Photos folder. Here, we will take Insync, which is one of the famous and feature-rich Google Drive desktop client for Linux that can help you do almost anything that you need to do with Google Drive, as an example to show you how to sync photos to Google Photos on Linux.

1. Download Insync on your Linux.

2. Access your Google Drive on your web browser.

3. Go to "Settings" which can be accessed by clicking the “Cog” icon.

Google Photos Uploader Linux

4. Under the "General" tab, tick the box of “Create a Google Photos folder”. This will create a folder for your Google Photos under your Google Drive. Since it’s a folder under your Google Drive, it will be shown in the Insync app.

Google Photos Uploader Linux

5. Open up Insync and sync the Google Photos folder. Once the folder is synced, it will appear in your Insync folder.

Google Photos Uploader Linux

6. When your Google Photos folder is finished syncing, open the location in your Insync folder and you’ll find your Google Photos now available locally. Now, Insync serves as a syncing client between your Google Photos folder and your desktop. This gives you the freedom to continuously sync data across the two.

Google Photos Uploader Linux


Following the method above, you can sync photos to Google Photos in an indirect way. And besides Insync, there are also many other Google Drive Linux client software available there that can do the work for you seamlessly, you can choose one according to your requirements.