Best Carbonite Backup Alternative (2023)

If you are looking for the best Carbonite alternative, keep reading below and find the most suitable one.


by Ailsa Lasted Updated January 3, 2023

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Overview about Carbonite

Carbonite is one of the most popular cloud backup service (also known as online-backup services) in the worldwide. It can free you from data disaster and offers you a variety of plans with unlimited file backup, including videos. Also, your files are protected by strong encryption and other protocols. And you can access files from the desktop or a browser. Besides, it’s very easy-to-use for almost users.

Preparing To Backup

Cost: $71.99 for basic version and $149.99 for prime

Capacity: all plan with unlimited storage

Features: incremental backup, schedule backup, 128-bit or 256-bit encryption, private key, remote deployment tools for system admins, Remote file access to computer files, HIPAA compliance, external hard drive backups, mobile device backups, etc.

Privacy: two factory authentication

Speed: lowest

Drive shipping: restore only

OS and devices: Windows; OSX; Android; iOS; BlackBerry

In sum, Carbonite is a backup software for business, but its price is still expensive. In addition, it still has some disadvantages, such as, this software only backup certain files by default and you need to manually upload files and videos larger than 4GB, you don’t have the ability to adjust bandwidth for backup. So, if don’t have more budgets or want more features, you can use Carbonite alternatives.

How to find the Carbonite alternative in recent years, such as, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023. You can search on internet, or continue to see below and get the answer.

Carbonite Backup Alternatives

In the following, I’ll show you the most popular cloud backups services that be alternative to Carbonite. Honestly, there is no best Carbonite alternative for everyone and the most suitable one is best for you.


Start Backup

Cost: 15 day free-trial for personal backup and $60 per year for business backup

Capacity: unlimited storage

Features: continuous backup, restore-my-mail, AES encryption, SSL file transfer, external hard drive backup, hard drive restore service, HIPAA compliance, etc

Privacy: two factory authentication

Speed: rapid

Drive shipping: restore only

User experience: beginner-friendly defaults

OS and devices: Windows; OSX; Android; iOS

Backblaze is the best value for carbonite backup alternatives. Also, this software is the best carbonite alternatives for Mac. With it, you can enjoy more features with a reasonable price, for example, no file size or traffic restrictions, fastest backup speed, excellent restore performance, 24-hour security staff, running in the background, etc.

It’s amazing. However, this software only support backing up data on one computer. If you have multiple computers, you can could consider giving up it and use another online backup service as instead.

Crashplan for Small Business

Crashplan Backup

Cost: $10 per month for a computer (small business version)

Capacity: unlimited storage

Features: incremental and differential file backup, AES-256 File Encryption, custom 448 bit encryption key, unlimited reversion history, continuous backup, file verification systems, no file size restrictions, etc

OS and device support: Windows; Linux; OSX; Android; iOS

Privacy: two-factor authentication

Speed: low upload speed

Crashplan backup and recovery software is designed for small business and it’s the best alternative to Carbonite backup for power users. It can continuous backup your files and ensure data security with AES-256 file encryption, custom 448-bit encryption key. Also, it supports backing up files to multiple destinations, and only updates the changed files for disk space saving. In addition, it keeps all previous versions of a file and you can restore any version as you like. And more, the entire process run into background.

It’s also an excellent choice if you have a small business and have more budget. However, you need to get its disadvantages, for instance, the upload speed is low, home edition is discontinued on October 23, 2018, local backup and offsite backup is no longer available, etc.

iDrive Personal

Idrive Backup

Cost: $69.5 per year for personal and the first year is $3.48

Capacity: up to 5TB

Features: external drive backups, mobile device backups, continuous data backup, file sync, remote computer management, disk backup, share files, etc.

Privacy: two-factor authentication

Speed: fast

Drive shipping: seed and restore

OS and devices: Windows, OSX, iOS, Linux, Android, MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft OneDrive

iDrive is the best overall online backup, because it offers more features, supports more OS and devices, and its price is reasonable. And it offers users extra storage to sync your devices and PCs. In addition, its mobile apps can backup the running devices and recognize faces in photos for easy tagging. And more, it frees you from spending days uploading data and allows you to mail in a full drive.

It’s worth a try if you happen to need these features. But you still need to pay attention to its shortcoming, such as, the backup often misses files, the program does not auto-update to new version and require manual monitoring, etc.


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Cost: free

Capacity: 10GB for CBackup Cloud and unlimited cloud storage for third-party cloud storage

Features: PC cloud backup, schedule backup, cloud to cloud transfer, cloud drive combination, allocate space, related tasks, history version, file filter, email notification, etc

OS and device support: Windows, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, FTP, SFTP

Privacy: OAuth

Speed: fast

CBackup is the best cloud backup service for PC cloud backup and cloud to cloud backup. If you want to backup files to cloud, it allows you to backup PC files to CBackup Cloud or Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. If you want to move files between cloud storage, it allows you to backup or sync files between any two accounts easily and quickly. And with backup settings, it can continuously protect your data daily, weekly, monthly.

If you need to backup files to CBackup Cloud, it offers 10GB for free. And if you need huge backup space for free, you can register multiple public cloud storage accounts including OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive and combine them into one with CBackup. It depends on how many cloud drives you have. 

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Final Thoughts: Sync Is Not Backup

When it comes to online backup services, some users may think about cloud drives, such as, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. But both are different.

Online backup services provide a way to backup files to cloud and it will store your files until you need to restore them. At the same time, it’s much cheaper than sync tool.

Almost cloud drives are a sync tool that allows to sync your files within cloud drive, such as, from one directory or folder to another. And you can access your files on any device with cloud drive installed. Also, it allows you to share files with different users. In addition, the deleted files will be removed from all devices and the process is irreversible.

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