Best Alternative to Backblaze (2024)

If you are looking for the best online backup service – alternative to Backblaze, please keep reading below and find the most suitable software.


by Ailsa Lasted Updated April 10, 2024

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Overview about Backblaze

Backblaze is the best value in cloud backup service and it’s economical, fast, reliable and easy-to-use. And here are some features for Backblaze you may be interested in.

✔ Unlimited storage

✔ Affordable price

✔ Ease of use

✔ Strong security

✔ External drive backup

✔ Restore with drive-shipping policy

✔ Restore by Email for free

✔ Automatic and scheduled backups

Backblaze Back Up

Backblaze is highly recommended for many people who want an affordable and easy solution to automatically backup files to the cloud. It has the fastest backup speed and does not limit on the size of your files, including videos. Also, it allows you to get data back through web and mobile apps, even by email. Besides, it protects your account via two factor verification, SMS & Authenticator Apps. What’s more, it only costs $60 every year.

It looks amazing. But it’s not ideal for people who has multiple computers. Because one Backblaze account is limited to one computer.

That’s all for Backblaze. In the following, I’ll show you some Backblaze alternatives, which has similar features with Backblaze. You can use it as a reference and find the most suitable software for you.

Best Alternative to Backblaze

What’s the best alternative to Backblaze? You may have this doubt. Honestly, the most suitable one is the best, so it depends on your situation. Here, I’ll introduce you some popular software based on its features, convenience and price.


✔ Unlimited online storage

✔ Automatic backup

✔ External hard drive backup

✔ Easy to use

✔ Private encryption

✔ Two factor authentication

✔ Restore with drive-shipping policy

✔ Support up to 5 computers

Carbonite Backup

Carbonite is recommended for users who want the strong security and privacy protection for data. It contains all the necessary tools and can prevent the most common data loss, such as, ransomware, accidental deletions, hardware failures and natural disasters.

It’s worth a try. But it’s not perfect. Based on a year, this software will cost more, $71.99 for basic version and $149.99 for prime. And you need to manually upload files and videos over 4GB. In addition, personal encryption keys and older versions of file recovery only works on Windows. What’s worse, its backup speed is lowest and you need to spend much time in backing up the same files.


✔ Storage limit: 5TB

✔ Unlimited computers

✔ External disk backups, mobile device backups

✔ System and application backups

✔ Two factor authentication

✔ Free disk shipping: seed and restore

✔ Fast upload speeds

✔ Web-based backup management

IDrive Backup

iDrive is recommended for users who want to backup unlimited computers and require fast speed. Its mobile app can backup the running devices and recognize faces in photos for easy-tagging. Its file sync option free you from spending days uploading data and let you mail in a full drive. Also, it keeps old copies of each file and deleted files forever.

This is a great choice if you have more budget. It will cost $69.5 per year and the first year is $3.48. It’s the best cloud backup service overall and has some features that Backblaze does not have, such as, web-based backup management, mapped drive backup, etc. However, it still has some disadvantages, for example, it does not auto-update to new versions, the backup process often misses files.


✔ Unlimited online storage space

✔ Unlimited computers

✔ Fast upload speed

✔ Easy to use

✔ Free

✔ OAuth

✔ Cloud to cloud transfer with one platform

✔ Cloud drive management

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CBackup is suitable for users who have multiple cloud drives, need to manage cloud drives, and move files between cloud storage. You can access data through multiple computers with the same account. At the same time, this software supports schedule backup, historical versions, data restoration, file filter, and associated tasks. More important, this cloud service is completely free.

You can try this software if you are looking for a free cloud transfer. And here are some things to keep in mind, for instance, you can get unlimited cloud storage only when you connect enough cloud disk to CBackup. This software currently supports a limited number of cloud disks, including, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, SFTP, and OneDrive.

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Final thoughts: cloud backup service vs cloud sync

In the marketplace, there are many options for users to store files, audio, videos, etc, and some users may confuse cloud backup service and cloud sync. What is the difference? You can keep reading below to get the answer.

Online backup service will periodically backup your files and folders to their own servers and it keep the data until you need to use it. And it’s cheaper than the sync service.

Online sync service allows you to sync data to cloud, or from a specific directory or folder. But if you delete files from web-based server or its local folder, the files will be removed from other devices with the same account. And it does not sync files on external hard drive.

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