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Prevent Huge Risk of Data Loss

Results indicate that 94% individuals experienced significant data loss and 70% small businesses shut their doors as a result of significant data loss. In reality, 67% data loss is caused by hard drive crashes or system failure. Therefore, backups can be the best Windows Server backup and restore solution.

In-time Disaster Recovery

With AOMEI Backupper Server, the reliable Windows Server backup software, you can restore a backup image in time to original location or to different computer with dissimilar hardware, which maximum the data usage and minimize the data loss or economic loss.

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Flexible Backup Solution

Automatically backup your Windows operating system, hard drive, partitions, or files to NAS, network drive, cloud drive, internal/external hard drive, or USB drive you set. Full backup, incremental or differential backup can be applied as well.

Smart and Quick Clone

Securely clone hard drive, partition, even operating system to SSD or another HDD, and you can clone between MBR and GPT disks for disk upgrade. Allows to clone from larger drive to smaller drive with intelligent clone way. Sector by sector clone is used to clone all sectors, even if it’s logical bad sector.

Various Sync Modes

Sync files or folders between two locations in daily, weekly, or monthly mode. Real-time sync, mirror sync, and two-way sync is also available to always keep both files up to date.

Reliable Data Recovery

Restore Windows Server or PC back to normal after a catastrophic failure within a few minutes, which helps to minimize server downtime and keep business continuity.

Media & User Reviews

We have been deeply involved in the data security industry for TEN years. Now we have more than 50 million users and get many industry awards from media and users.

Helped us a lot when we offer backup service for our clients. Did several disaster recoveries wiht network boot during service period, and largely reduce their server downtime. Powerful Windows Server backup software.

AOMEI Backupper has all the necessary tools for easily backing up and restoring files and folders, the operating system, custom partitions, or the entire disk. It provides a one-click backup solution for your system partition or disk.

Easy-to-use backup solution for enterprises, protected out customers data with backup scheme of this software of several years, never disappointed us. Reilable assistance.


I don’t experience any issues with AOMEI, in fact, the UI design is the best by far, ahead of Acronis by a country mile and ahead of Macrium by light-years.

Bahgat Bedair

I just love to thank you. I have been using this great AOMEI Backupper program for about five years and it has saved me many times even though i am using the free version. Thank you.


Anyone who has used this software should be able to confirm that its very stable & impressive. I have used many alternatives over the years until migrating to AOMEI about 5 years ago.

50+ million users

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