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I Received the “Unfortunately Dropbox Has Stopped” Message

“I get the ‘Unfortunately Dropbox has stopped’ message every time that the phone re-starts or every time I try to start the Dropbox. The message annoyed me so much. Is anyone can tell me the solution? Thank you in advance!”

Unfortunately Dropbox Has Stopped

As a famous cloud storage service, Dropbox has billions of users all over the world. They get to use Dropbox both on their computer and smartphone.

But users may encounter various problems during the use of Dropbox just as the issue mentioned above. This article will give you some efficient methods.

Why did Dropbox Stop?

When you work with Dropbox, you may meet some common issues such as Dropbox has stopped or Dropbox not loading. Such problems may result from the reasons below:

Your network connection is poor.

There are bugs in your Dropbox app.

The version of Dropbox is too old.

Your device OS is not the latest.

Your Dropbox contains too many caches and data.

How to Fix Dropbox Has Stopped

how to fix the “unfortunately dropbox has stopped” issue? There are 6 different fixes prepared for you. You can try anyone after checking your situation.

Solution 1. Check Your Network Connection

Since Dropbox is a cloud storage service based on Internet, a network connection is of great importance for it. Without a stable and fast network connection, Dropbox cannot work properly. So, you should check your network connection in the Wi-Fi Settings first.

Wifi Settings

Solution 2. Restart Your Device

In fact, many Dropbox problems can be solved simply by restarting the device. Thus, you can restart your phone by tapping the Reboot button. Then, check whether your Dropbox can work normally or not.


Solution 3. Restart Dropbox App

Also, restarting the Dropbox app is another simple way to fix most issues. You can do it following the steps below;

1. Go to the Settings > App & Notifications on your device.

2. Find the Dropbox app, and press the FORCE STOP button to stop it completely.

Dropbox Force Stop

3. Run the Dropbox app again. Check if it returns to a normal situation.

Solution 4. Update Dropbox App to the Latest Version

Please check if your Dropbox app is the latest version. If it is not, you are more likely to meet the Dropbox error. Let’s see how to update the Dropbox app:

1. Open the Play Store on your device.

2. Find the Dropbox, then check if there is an updated version available. Install it if there is the latest version available.

Update Dropbox

Solution 5. Reset App Preferences

It is said that resetting app preferences can be a useful method. You can try it following these steps:

1. Open the Settings on your phone and find the Installed apps list.

2. Tap the three dots button to choose the Reset app preferences option. Then you can try running your Dropbox again.

Reset App Preferences

Solution 6. Clear Up Dropbox App Cache and Data

Too much cache and data may be the cause of the “Dropbox has stopped” issue. You can clear up the cache and data in your Dropbox app with the following steps:

1. Open the Settings on your phone, and locate Dropbox on the Apps page.

2. Select the Clear cache option. After the above, open your Dropbox to see if it works properly.

Dropbox Clear Android Data

Tip: Transfer Files to Dropbox via CBackup

If you use Dropbox for backup but some Dropbox errors bother you a lot, we recommend you a professional third-party software - CBackup.

CBackup is a stable cloud backup service based on the Internet. It supports backup files to Dropbox easily, quickly, and for free. Besides, CBackup allows you to add different public cloud drives to it, including OneDrive, Google Drive, even FTP.

In addition, you can get larger Dropbox space with CBackup for free, too. CBackup lets you merge two Dropbox accounts or more other cloud drive accounts so that you can get unlimited space for backup.

Let’s figure out how to back up files to Dropbox via CBackup:

1. Download and set up CBackup desktop app on your computer, and run it.

2. Create an account and log into it.

Sign In

3. Press the My Storage button > + Add Cloud to add and authorize your Dropbox account.

Add Cloud

Note: You don’t have to worry about file security. As a third-party tool, CBackup will not read your files. All your files will be stored on a cloud storage drive that you trust.

4. Click on Backup Tasks > New Task to create a new backup task.

Create Task

5. You can change the Task Name according to your need. Then click on Add Source to add files you want to back up to Dropbox.

Add Source

6. Click on the Add Destination to select Dropbox as the backup destination and click on Start Backup.

Start Backup

Note: CBackup can also be an alternative to Dropbox. Once you sign up for a new account, you will be given 10GB of free cloud space called CBackup Cloud. When you need to set up backup tasks, you can choose CBackup Cloud as the destination as well.

Select Cbackup Cloud2

Final Words

This article tells the right steps to solve the “Unfortunately Dropbox has stopped” error. If the above-mentioned issue and other Dropbox problems occur again, you can use CBackup to back up local files to other cloud drives directly. Besides, you can get more storage space with it, too.

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