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Why Do You Need Cloud Backup?

  • Are you afraid of accidentally losing the data stored on your hard drive?
  • Are you anxious that there is not enough space locally for backup?
  • Are you panicked that you have lost all local backups due to local accidents?
  • Backup all your data to the cloud offsite, never lose data and recover them from any PC.

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Any easy way to transfer from MEGA to Google Drive?

“I have a MEGA Account with a little more than 2 TB and an unlimited Google Drive. I have some important files in my MEGA account and I want to back them up. Is there any easy way to transfer MEGA to Google Drive?”

Transfer MEGA to Google Drive

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Why transfer MEGA files to Google Drive?

Nowadays, transferring files between cloud storage services have become a very common user demand. More and more people like to store their documents, pictures, videos, etc. in cloud services because they providing mobile applications. This method not only protects their data from local accidental threats but also allows them to access backup data anytime and anywhere. Both Google Drive and MEGA are popular free cloud storage services, so MEGA vs Google Drive, which is better?

MEGA vs Google Drive

MEGA: MEGA provides a secure end-to-end encrypted cloud storage service. They provide 15 GB of free storage space for each account, as well as a 35 GB free trial version. MEGA provides applications suitable for all operating systems and web-based systems, but the file-sharing function is not perfect.

Pros and Cons of MEGA

Google Drive: Google Drive is the most widely used file cloud storage and sync service, providing 15GB of storage space for each account for free. Not only is it highly integrated with Google services, it can help you easily share files with others, and its mobile application is also popular because of its ease of use, but Google Drive lacks a fully-functional desktop application.

Pros and Cons of Google Drive

Both Google Drive and MEGA have their own advantages and disadvantages, so many people may use them together and save different files. You may encounter situations where you need to transfer files from MEGA to Google Drive. We will introduce 2 simple methods to help you transfer from MEGA to Google Drive.

Transfer files from MEGA to Google Drive manually

If you want to transfer MEGA files to Google Drive, the conventional method is to use the download and upload functions of cloud storage services.

Step 1. Go to the MEGA login website and log in to your account, click Standard Download or Download ZIP to store the files to be moved on the local hard drive.

Download from MEGA

Step 2. Go to the Google Drive website, then click Upload files or Upload folder under the My Drive tab, and then upload the MEGA files to Google Drive.

Google Drive upload files

Note: Using this method needs to ensure that there is enough space on the hard drive to save the downloaded data, and it will take a lot of time to transfer a large amount of data from MEGA to Google Drive.

How do I auto-transfer from MEGA to Google Drive?

Using some cloud transfer services can help users automatically move files from MEGA to Google Drive. We recommend you to use MultCloud, which not only supports free cross-cloud file transfer but also all operations can be done on the web. With it, you can easily sync MEGA with Google Drive.

Step 1. Go to the MultCloud website and log in, you may need to create an account first.

Step 2. Click the Add Clouds button and select to add MEGA and Google Drive in turn.

Add Google Drive

Step 3. Click the Cloud Transfer button, select MEGA as the transfer source, select Google Drive as the transfer destination, click Transfer Now, and then wait for the process to complete.

Transfer MEGA to Google Drive

Tip: The above two methods can also realize the transfer of Google Drive to MEGA. You only need to download the file from Google Drive and upload it to MEGA or use Google Drive as the source and MEGA as the transfer destination on MultCloud.

How to enlarge the backup space of files?

Most people choose to use multiple cloud storage service accounts to get more storage space for free, but it is more troublesome to switch back and forth between different cloud services and accounts or to manage files on these platforms. You can use the professional third-party cloud backup tool - CBackup, which can combine more storage for free, or back up your PC to a large space.

Way 1. Combine cloud storage for free

CBackup web version provides cloud management and cloud to cloud backup services. You can add multiple cloud storage accounts (such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) on one platform. After adding, it can combine the cloud storage space in multiple accounts into one big space. The service supports unlimited addition of cloud drive accounts, and you can even combine an unlimited online cloud backup space.

Combine Cloud Storage

Way 2. Backup PC files to larger backup space

You can choose to back up your files to a more cost-effective cloud backup service instead of a cloud storage service, such as the CBackup client. As a stable Windows PC offsite backup solution, the CBackup app can store files in AOMEI Cloud (1000GB) with a more professional backup method and a high-cost performance. And when you need any storage files, you can restore the backup to the local through data recovery. How about following the steps below to download and try it free for 15 days?

Step 1. Click the Download button and install the CBackup app to the desktop.

Step 2. Create an account for free (common to both the web version and the client) and log in.

Sign In

Step 3. Select the Tasks tab on the taskbar and click New Task subsequently.

Create Task

Step 4. Click the Add Source tab, and then select the files you need to store from PC to AOMEI Cloud.

Add Source

Step5. Then click the Start Backup tab to start the task.

Start Backup

In the end

The top 2 ways to transfer MEGA to Google Drive have been shown above. You can complete this process manually, or automatically sync MEGA with Google Drive. If you need more cloud space to back up important data, you might as well try CBackup, which can help you merge the storage of multiple cloud drive accounts on one platform, or use the client to back up files to a larger space.

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